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Creation Café

Event: God's Amazing Love Storytellers. Thursday, Jan 8th. Café will open at 11:30am, but there will be limited food service between 12:30pm - 1:00pm.
Changes to the Café:
Cornerstone is refocusing its resources to expand the Catering and Events portion of our Culinary Internship Program. Therefore, the cafe will not be open on a regular basis after December 19th, but will be hosting various public and private gatherings.
We have enjoyed serving you through the Café and look forward to working with you to make your events deliciously special! To schedule an event for your organization or family, please contact us at 817-632-6036, or visit our Catering page.
Cornerstone’s Creation Café was established in April of 2011 when renovations on the commercial kitchen were completed and an Executive Chef was hired through previous funding. The Creation Café is part of Cornerstone’s social enterprising initiative designed to provide job training as well as transitional jobs for its clients in the food service and hospitality industries through its Internship Program. Since its establishment, the Café has been providing numerous services to the community.
Creation Café also offers a meeting space with meal options for businesses, community leaders, and other social service agencies in the community. The facility currently has full audio/visual capabilities including projectors and a cordless microphone system. This social enterprising aspect of the Café will generate revenue which may then be reinvested into job training programs and further efforts to improve local communities.