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Housing Development

Beyond providing safe, decent, and affordable housing, Cornerstone’s mission is to help low-income individuals rise above their circumstances. We believe homeownership is a powerful means to reinforce financial responsibility and a more stable life. These are critical elements to overcoming poverty and fostering a healthier, more productive community.
If you are interested in one of our housing projects, please contact Philip Posey.
Spanish Gardens Condominiums
Cornerstone’s condominium housing model projects homeownership within a 10 year term. Monthly payments are structured to be nearly the same as a rental payment. To ensure homebuyers are equipped to succeed in this process, qualified buyers must agree to case management or mentoring that includes essential budgeting and financial management skills. This model provides an affordable means for low-income individuals an opportunity to own a home in a short time while building financial security to rise out of poverty. Beyond benefits to the individual, our mission has revitalized the community and positively impacted the surrounding area.
Advances in completion of property improvements, increased overall quality of life for the residents, reduced average operating costs and lower association dues have been ongoing outcomes of this project. Additionally, the increased interest in the property has increased value- to the homeowners and community at large.